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The secular solo songs = Les Chants solos profanes de Henry Purcell Volume 1

Auteur(s)Purcell, Henry (Compositeur) ;Bonney, Barbara (Soprano) ;Gritton, Susan (Soprano) ;Bowman, James (Haute-Contre Contre-Ténor) ;Covey-Crump, Rogers (Ténor) ;Daniels, Charles (Ténor) ;George, Michael (Basse) ;King, Robert (Clavecin) ;The King's Consort

Titre(s)The secular solo songs = Les Chants solos profanes de Henry Purcell Volume 1 / Purcell Henry ; Bonney Barbara ; Gritton Susan ; Bowman James ; Covey-Crump Rogers ; Daniels Charles ; George Michael ; King Robert ; The King's Consort.

Editeur(s)London : Hyperion Records Ltd.

Contient[Draw near, you lovers. Z 462]. - [While Thirsis, wrapp'd in downy sleep. Z 437]. - [I Loved fair Celia. Z 381]. - [What hope for us remains now he is gone ? Z 472]. - [Pastora's beauties when unblown. Z 407]. - [A thousand sev'ral ways I tried. Z 359]. - [Love, thou canst hear, tho' thou art blind. Z 396]. - [Urge me no more. Z 426). - [Farewell, all joys. Z 368]. - [If music be the food of love. Z 379 a] (1ère version). - [Amidst the shades and cool refreshing streams. Z 355]. - [They say you're angry. Z 422]. - [Let each gallant heart. Z 390]. - [This poet sings the Trojan wars (Anacreon's defeat). Z 423]. - [Ah, how pleasant 'tis to love. Z 353]. - [My heart, whenever you appear. Z 399]. - [On the brow of Richmond hill. Z 405). - [Rashly I swore I would disown. Z 411]. - [Since the pox or the plague. Z 471]. - [Beneath a dark and melancholy grove. Z 461]. - [Musing on cares of human fate. Z 467). - [Whilst Cynthia sung, all angry wins lay still. Z 438]. - [How I sight when I think of the charms of my swain. Z 374]. - [Ye happy swains, whose nymphs are kind. Z 443]. - [Beware, poor shepherds. Z 361]. - [See how the fading glories of the year. Z 470]. - [Cease, anxious world, your fruitless pain. Z 362]. - O ! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes. Z 402].


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